Farm News Update

January 28. Everyone is doing just fine to-day. The horses are quite comfortable at the new location, the cows co-operated with me this morning but didn’t give me a lot of milk. The weather is mild , temperature right around freezing or a little above, strong south-west winds and for most of the morning a wet snow, sometimes quite thick, was falling. McKenna went out as usual and I haven’t seen her since. there was a little barking a while ago, probably at a cat and I expect that she will crawl out of her customary curling up spot when she gets hungry later this afternoon. Right now, 3:30 p.m., the wind has gotten a lot stronger.
We noted that LOT 46 arrived at “A” in Frederick Chopin at 7:04, earlier than expected. An update on farm happenings will be posted tomorrow. I’ll bet that everyone is very tired except for Gabe and Will.

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