Snowy Sunday

    The photo at the top is our small herd of Shorthorn cattle patiently waiting to go to the barn at around five p.m. on sunday January 29. They do look rather forlorn standing in the falling snow, but it wasn’t too cold, right around the freezing mark, and though the snow was coming down quite heavy, the wind was light and overall it was quite pleasant out.

Much the same to be said for the horses again waiting patientlyfor me to bring their evening feed of hay, Wimpy is the horse on the right, Marie, the mare, is on the left.

   Looking towards our house at the height of the snowfall, on my way to feed the animals and to take the first two photos.

  A few days later and you couldn’t tell that the snow in the preceeding three photos had even been there. The cows are almost certainly much happier with a mild, no snow situation. Mid-afternoon, hay has been finished and in a little while they will mull  it over, roust themselves  and amble along towards the barn and stand by the gate patiently, at the same spot as the top photo. Minus all the snow.

This trio were chased out of the woodshed. They likely made their way there in the morning before the snow started.  They soon arrived at their hut were I later shut them and the rest of the birds in for the night, safe from racoons, owls, coyotes and any other predators that might fancy chicken or duck for dinner.

The very bottom photo was taken from our kitchen window looking down towards were the cows would be lazing a few days and no snow later, and shown in the snowless photo above. All very pretty, that’s why I took all these pictures.

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