Update for Sunday the 5th of Feb.

   Delighted to get the comment from Lithuania, we didn’t check the comments yesterday, keep ’em coming  if you can. We have been following the weather on the net, BBC is one of the better sites. Weather here is continuing the same ; mild, above freezing during the day, maybe -2 to -5 or -6 at night. No snow for a week now and the forecast for the next few days doesn’t look a lot different.                                                                                           ———Everything rolling along here reasonably smooth, keeping up with the firewood, have done some planning for the spring  and there are  several signs of spring evident— I saw about 20 crows a couple of days ago, a bit unusual for us and  the pigeons in the barn are starting to build nests. The redtails are also starting to pair up in flight.                ———–    Other sightings to report: The coyote; one morning last week, an eagle a few days ago, the winter resident mockingbird just yesterday, with a pair of cardinals, eating sumac berries out front.                                                                                                    ——————    I’ll post another photo soon, I am busy trying to update our website, need to put up a new and better meat list, Nick is updating our brochure and that will go on the site too and I am trying to add, without too much success, another category beneath the homepage photo banner  —   “What’s Available”.      Hello Veronica, trust you are well, keep checking this site for info on what we are up to.                                       ————————————See you soon !

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