February 16 Farm News Update

In the greenhouse

Spring in the greenhouse

Stack of cabbage
Savoyed cabbage from a couple of seasons back

    Hello, just a few words to say what has been happening. I have been quite busy over the last two weeks since Aerron and Maggie have been away. The usual barn work , several other minor chores and a great deal of work on this website occupied most of me for those two weeks.

      Aerron and Maggie and the two kids arrived back on tuesday having vacationed in Lithuania visiting Maggies sister and getting aquainted with the place. Their arrival coincided more or less with the arrival of the spell of cold, extremely cold, weather that plaqued Europe for quite some time- maybe still doing so, I haven’t checked, but they really enjoyed their visit none the less for that. All this is not farm news directly, I have digressed some 7500 km., but just to let you know what is happening on the farm.

   We can now try to get our spring planting planning completed since spring planting could start, if the weather continues to follow the same pattern, in less than four weeks. the early planting would of course only be for more cold hardy vegetables, but we would also be very busy seeding in the greenhouse those things that will later be transplanted out into the garden.

   I need to get more new photos up but for now here are a couple that will again remind us what it will look like when summer does come.


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