Update February 22, 2012

  The weather here continues mild as I am sure you are fully aware. This is also the time of year when we start to set taps in the sugar maple trees. Last year we started to set taps on February 15 and by the 24th Aerron had set 74 taps in 40 trees. We will set somewhat fewer taps this season and Aerron  started two days ago since conditions looked about right; night temperatures below freezing, day temperatures well above and a good bit of sun. It is always difficult to determine when to begin but it is probably better to start a little early rather than risk not getting that sought after first run. So we’ll keep you posted on the  progress of the sap flow.

From now on we will do our very best to post our updates every Wednesday evening along with our weekly CSA newsletter when we start to publish the newsletters,  likely  around the beginning of June. Here is a photo of Lauren holed up in the base of a white oak just last week. She discovered a spider web when she stood up in there  and decided she wouldn’t stand up in there again.

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