Weekly Update February 29, 2012

     We are now getting into March and the month where we will see the great transition from winter to spring, and the thing that will keep us guessing , and worrying, is how long that transition will take, and just how turbulent the changeover will be. The winter for us has not been much of one and from the point of view of our short term comfort and well being this has been a good thing. Just how good this sort of thing will be in the longer term, if this is an indicator of the sorts of changes we can expect with climate warming, is something that at the present even those who study this are unable to say with much certainty but the consensus seems to be that changes will be detrimental to most of us.

   We continue to do the usual, which at this point is barn chores, wood gathering, wood cutting and chopping, gathering Maple sap and boiling sap down to Maple syrup.

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