March 8 2012, Farm News

Hello;   We do seem to be moving into spring. In spite of tomorrows forecast for cold the trend is for warmer temperatures. Still not near seeding time but getting close. We have three new lambs in the barn, one black, two white, more to come. Other signs of spring; the Turkey Vultures were seen yesterday, many Robins about, more Swans flew over, geese going in all directions, Starlings nesting, Hawks chasing each other. No Bluebirds or more Mockingbirds yet. Maple syrup making continues but the sap flow has been low this year. This is our old Pilgrim goose, the one with the attitude, our watch goose and small child chaser and this is our watchdog, watching. The watchgoose also chases the watchdog, and, if you train geese right, will also go some way to weeding your garden

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