March 15, 2012 Farm News

Hello;   The weather has been great for us this week as you can well appreciate, I’m sure. Spring is now here but we often get fooled by weather at this time of the year, winter can return quickly for one or more flings. It is so tempting to grab all the seed packages and rush out to the garden and start seeding; but being as we are quite cautious we will grab only a select few and venture out carefully. Yesterday we took the horses and the single row cultivator and began preparing for planting. The boad (Fava) beans will be seeded first, four 300 foot rows and maybe we can then seed things such as spinach maybe a mesclun mix but we don’t want to get to far ahead of ourselves since we want things to come ready when we are prepared to market them.

This is the first lamb, now a week old, a ram lamb, a little boy, and it, as well as the other two lambs, has a very attentive, watchful and worried mother, These sheep are the breed known as the Border Cheviot, an old breed of hill sheep known for having a good fleece , for their hardiness and for being good lambers and mothers. We have a very small flock of only 15 individuals and about half  are a black strain which we have been selecting for.

The herd on a sunny March morn

This top photo is just a nice picture. The cows are really liking this spring-like weather and they are also getting by on much less feed.

We have seen a lot of the Tundra Swans these past few weeks , some in large flocks of 100 or a lot more , some in much smaller flocks of sometimes only 10 or 15 birds. I think that we are seeing more Mockingbirds now, though it is often difficult determining if the bird you are watching in that tree is not the bird that you seen a few moments earlier in that other tree. They also seem to be able to disappear very quickly and easily. All winter long the single Mockingbird that stayed here was very quiet but with the arrival of the nice warm weather and maybe also because of the lengthening of the day, the Mockingbird or maybe birds, is once again in full song . Their is quite a symphony of bird calls now , lots of Starlings , Blackbirds and Grackles and the Killdeers are back too. The resident Crow population has increased from the winter long three to at least 8 may be 10 or 12.

Have a peek at the rest of our website; we have a new Meat List available now, you can download a copy. Our 2012 Brochure is also up there on the   Our CSA Program  part of the site. Lots more to say but I have to get out of here and get working. Have a look again next thursday for our weekly update, I’ll try to have it up by noon but sometimes things happen.

First Lamb

Three days old

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