March 22, 2012 Farm News

Cultivating    REMEMBER, if you are considering joining the Devon Acres CSA this season, please contact us soon.    E-mail, telephone or post.  We also still have some beef for sale.

The team, cultivator and Aerron
The team, cultivator and Aerron heading west

We have had a very busy week, the weather has been perfect for getting all kinds of things done and we did, though I wish we had accomplished even more. These are some of the things that we did: We finished putting down the leaves on the garlic and onion beds and this can be seen in the photos of the cultivator working the ground. Aerron is on the single row McCormick-Deering horse drawn cultivator making another pass over each of the beds to freshen them up after the rain packed them down a bit after the initial workup. The horses are our team, Wimpy , the gelding, on the left and Marie, the bob-tailed mare on the right. The cultivator is set up for this job with four narrow points and two discs to break up the ground and pull the soil inward to form beds. This is not a really heavy pull for the horses but it still will give them a good workout if several dozen trips up and down the 320 foot rows are made.  In addition to the cultivating we also used the horses to do a bit of disc harrowing on the small portion of last seasons potatoe patch that hadn’t been worked up yet. We haven’t worked the horses very hard all winter so we have to be careful not to overwork them. Maggie and Aerron planted two rows of Broad Beans, Favas, just yesterday, two more rows to go. We have seeded onions, lettuce, kale and a cabbage variety into trays in the greenhouse, we have seeded about 20 trays so far. Some of the Caribe potatoes have been started in the greenhouse in small  4 inch pots, something that we haven’t tried before. This should give us some earlier potatoes. On Saturday we had 8 of the big round hay bales delivered to the farm by our friend Don McCallister of Macland Farms on Bethel Road. This will get us by until the pastures are ready for grazing. That same aftrenoon we had a photographer at the farm to shoot pictures of some of her clients’ children holding the new born lambs. It went well even though these lambs had not been handled very much. They were mostly O.K. when kept together and sudden movements were avoided.

Horses pulling the cultivator

Wimpy and Marie pulling the cultivator

Starting off at the east end, note leaves on the garlic/onion beds

starting off from the east end, notice the leaves

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