March 29, 2012 : Farm News

Hello:  We haven’t been quite so busy this past week mostly because the weather turned cold and we couldn’t do much in the garden. Aerron pulled the taps on the Maple trees; we didn’t have nearly as good a sap run as last year. This was probably just as well since we boil down on the wood burning stove in the kitchen. Last season we had so much sap that at times we would have maybe 4 large pots going, anywhere from 40 to 60 litres of sap and all the windows would be constantly fogged over. The very high humidity was not good of course so this year it was usually only two pots and not all the time: the windows were seldom all fogged over. We still got maybe 20 litres of syrup for ourselves.

 The delightful character in this photo was on our lawn late one afternoon looking for food, most likely white grubs. The cat herd was mildly disinterested in the visitor. Eddy, the Chantecler Rooster is the little white bird near the top right background and he completely ignored brother skunk.

The cat herd checking on the skunk

The cold weather is a bit of a bother for us, not only did we get kind of accustomed to it , but the below freezing kind did some damage in our greenhouse the second night when I forgot to repeat the cautionary covering of what were considered to be the more tender seedlings. The damage does not seem to be too severe, but only with time will the extent be apparent.

We have Lettuce, Kale, Onion and Leek seeded into 22 x 12 inch  wooden trays, about 20 of them. Only the Kale suffered damage and it eeemed that it was mostly the cotyledon leaves (the seed leaves)  which were blackened by the frost. The Kale growing out in the garden, the Kale that was growing there last year, also was damaged a little.

At the top, the two photos are very recent and show 4 of the six lambs born so far ( there are at least six more to come), lounging in the warm sunshine. The lamb in the next photo is the oldest of this years crop  and is diving into the chaff in the feed trough along with the adults.

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