April 5, 2012: Farm News

Lauren with a full bucket of chaff for the sheep

Meanwhile, upstairs, Lauren has filled a bucket with chaff for the sheep. O.K. this was another, warmer day. But she's still cute, so is Gabriel.

Hello: We  have one more new lamb this week, a little ewe doing just fine. There are still at least 5 more to come, hopefully more if we get some twins. We haven’t had any twins yet this year and usually we do have some twins. This breed, the Border Cheviot, a British breed, a hill sheep, is noted for having twins so this is something that has been partially lost and we will have to be more careful to select for this desirable trait. We had been concentrating in past years on selecting for traits such as a clear head and other aspects of appearance; afterall if you want Border Cheviots they have to look like Border Cheviots. We have been working on the fences around the barn and to-day the sheep were able to come out and get their first fresh grass  in quite a while. They are kept in the barn overwinter as the pastures can’t support them since obviously grass doesn’t grow in the winter.

Gabriel; sitting in the sunshine with his Dad's hat and gloves, at the barn.

Gabriel; sitting at the barn door, keeping warm while Dad milks a cow, contemplating his oversized gloves.

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