April 12, 2012 Farm News

Vegetables set out for CSA pickup

Vegetables set out on display for CSA pickup

Hello;  A set of photos taken in the fall of 2010 illustrate, to some degree, the variety and the quantity of vegetables on offer for CSA sharers at the regular, weekly CSA thursday pickup. The one picture of the garden, taken this past tuesday, April 10, shows that our onions and garlic are growing good; a spot of rain would greatly improve the growth.

Vegetable basket for a  share, fall 2010

Vegetable basket for a typical share, fall 2010


vegetables ready for CSA pickup

Another view of vegetables set out for the CSA pickup

Work this week has concentrated on gathering firewood and fixing fencesThe one pasture that we are preparing for the cows to go out on first is being expanded so new posts have to be sunk and new wire strung. This is quite a bit more work than simply doing repairs on last seasons fences. The dry weather is very good for gathering firewood, which we will have to continue to burn for some time yet, but pastures and the garden do need more than just a splash of rain to get that grass and  those vegetables really growing. Warmer temperatures are also a requirement — but not too hot just yet. We have had the sheep out on a bit of grass for a week now though they still get a bit of hay since it is really too early, the grass does not have enough growth  yet.  The cows are very anxious to be out on  pasture and hopefully by the noon on thursday they will be grazing. Their pasture, like that of the sheep does not really have enough growth, and we will have to be careful with it though with warmer temperatures the grass can really put on a growth spurt and we will might have a time keeping it gazed low enough. If that does happen we will just take some of the pasture out of the grazing rotation and let it grow and  cut it for hay.Overall view of the shelter with vegetables displayed for pickup

Garlic and onions in the garden Apr. 2012

The photo of the onions and garlic growing in the garden; April 10, 2012 . The onions in the picture are on the far left, are smaller, and do not show up well in this photo. The plants which are so obvious are all garlic of various varieties and I believe that the ones on the left are the most popular variety, Music. They are all doing so well and the lack of a mulch on the western half of the planting has not had any affect on the growth. The mulch will be beneficial as the season progresses by suppressing weed growth and helping to retain moisture. We do now need to go along the unmulched portions with the hoes as there is sufficient weed growth to make the effort worthwhile. We still have beef cuts available from our freezer and from the garden we do have some small geen onion (last season’s regrowth) and small garlic greens, not from the rows in the photo but from the site in the garden of last seasons garlic planting. These are garlics that went unharvested last fall. That is it for this week , please look for another update next thursday.

Another view of the vegetables waiting the CSA pickup

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