April 19, 2012 : Farm News

Moving down the path to the pasture

Three of 9 cattle beast moving down the path to pasture

Kale, lettuce, onion,cabbage, leeks in our greenhouse

Hello:    We have had another busy week, actually all of our weeks until the late fall are going to be busy. We finished the fencing for the expanded pasture, put the cows out on friday and have since moved them through two more pastures as part of the regular rotation which is necessarily very short at this time of the year. This is unheard of around this area, putting animals out to pasture so early. We are about 4 weeks early this year, mid to late May being the usual time. We don’t anticipate any problems going out to grass so early though a good rain would really help. We did have some rain but it was not nearly enough, just better than none. Not helpful to have cold nights either though this is a small complaint.

We are somewhat short handed at the moment as your favourite blogger here is recovering from an upending,  of which he has no memory,  after having tried to move the horses last friday. A trip to the emergency dept. at the BGH  confirmed no heart attacks, strokes, broken bones or serious injuries had occured. A very sore back though has dramatically curtailed my activities but mending does seem to be progressing quite rapidly. Lesson here ? … avoid any attempts to lead a horse over a wire lying on the ground, get rid of the wire first.

The more able bodied here have seeded a lot more into trays and have put a bit more into the garden so work is proceeding approximately on schedule and really the weather has been quite good for working in spite of it being a bit dry and at times a little cool.

All the cattle and in back, two horses

All the cattle on grass with the two horses in the back

William, Gabriel and Joseph uor favourite little ram

William, Gabriel and our favourite yearling ram Joseph

The photo above shows just some of the many trays of newly seeded vegetables  in our greenhouse. These contain lettuce, kale, cabbage, onion and kale. These trays are now ready to be put outside where they will be carefully acclimatized to the great out of doors for about a week, before they will be ready to be transplanted into the garden. Be sure to give us a call or send us an e-mail if you are thinking of getting a vegetable CSA share for this season. Please spread the word about us, we can use the publicity and check the site again next week, we’ll have another update with more photos. This little Cheviot ram is a real nice friendly little sheep. The Border Cheviots, at least the ones that we have, are quite docile showing no inclination to butting with the head, Joseph here , who is about 14 months old, will, if you have been scratching him and you stop,  gently but firmly nudge your hand  constantly until he gets another good scratch. Come for a visit and if we can get him to come maybe you could give Joseph a good scratch.

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