April 26, 2012 : Farm News

In the greenhouse, two trays of broccoli and one of dinosaur kale

G.B. and a buddy lounging on a pile of cardboard boxes in the woodshed

Hello:    What happened ?  The week went by and  we seemed to be quite occupied the whole time doing many little things. Aerron managed to get another pasture fenced and ready for the cows, they are now rotating through the meagre pastures at the rate of about two days per field… if the pasture grasses were growing really good each pasture would feed the cows for 5 or 6 days minimum, the problem then would be to keep all the pastures gazed close enough that the grazing plants would not be growing too fast. But we do have a very serious problem in that it has been far too dry,  we have had some rain, which of was course welcomed, however it has been nowhere near enough. Warmer temperatures would also help but by far the greater problem is the lack of substantial moisture. We have pulled the sheep off pasture as they have eaten it right down; it will soon recover with a real good soaking. The horses have a large enough area that their pasture is O.K. for a little while yet.

We have done more work in the garden getting the rows ready for planting, we have sown a little more in the greenhouse and have moved about 20 trays from the greenhouse to tables outside near the garden so that they can harden off so as to be ready for transplanting, probably 4 or 5 days will see them ready. The term “harden off” refers to the process  of gradually exposing plants to full sunshine and allow them to be strengthened  by the wind, always being careful not to make the transition so quickly that plants are damaged.

Eddy, Potatoes in pots and a kitty

If you have any interest in joining our CSA,  please contact us , we are still able to take on more sharers but we do need to know as soon as possible and of course one of the principal reasons for the CSA is for us poor farmers to have a bit of extra spending money for that most expensive time of the year for us,   So give us a call, send an e-mail or drop by. If you do leave a message on our telephone message machine or send an  e-mail, do allow a couple or three or four days for me to get around to replying, but I will reply as quickly as I can.   Thanks all and watch for an update next thursday.

The sheep, last days on a diminishing pasture

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