May 3, 2012 : Farm News

Hello :  This has been better week because we at last got some rain, not sure how much, we keep forgetting to get a new rain gauge.  Aerron did a lot of work in the garden with the horses on the disc harrows. We were going to plow the cover crop wheat , but have decided that it will disc in just fine and we can save a little time. The discing takes quite a bit of time, they are very large discs and it  normally would require at least six horses to pull them round the field for a good long time without any breaks. We only have the team; two horses …  so they can only do about one and a half rounds before needing  a five or ten minute break. We have sown a full row of snap peas (the large edible pod type) and another full row of the flat edible pod, the snow pea. We also had to do quite a bit of hand weeding in a couple of beds as the weeds were quite heavy and we wanted to get rid of some thistle by being sure to get as much of the root as possible. We moved a lot of the propogating trays from the greenhouse to the hardening off area … twenty-one yesterday  joining the twenty- six that were out there already. The twenty -six are now ready to be transplanted out into the garden., onions and lettuce mainly. The greenhouse now has a bit more room and we will start to seed some of the more frost sensitive plants such as eggplant, tomatoe and pepper. The rain was really needed as the pastures were getting quite dry and the garden will also benefit. We also need a bit more warmth and the forecasts are a little more encouraging that way. All in all things are going along quite well and we are more or less on track to were we would like to be.

The ninth lamb standing with her mum with the first lamb in the foreground

Here are just three recent photos of new beasties on the farm. We shall try to get a nice bunch of garden pictures up for next week . The tiny bird is in our broad bean row. The broad beans are only about an inch and a half high. It is a newly hatched Killdeer and is doing just fine. The cat is one of the barn cats with one black kitten and three gingers born this past week in the calf pen, also doing just fine.

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