May 10, 2012 : Farm News

Maggie and Gabriel transplanting red kale, green kale beside Mccenna who keeps watch over all. William is having an afternoon nap. He is dozing under Aerron’s coatin the row over just behind Gabriel.

Hello;  A very eventful week beginning with our two hives of bees showing distinct signs of wanting to swarm. Bees swarm when they decide that their present home is unsuitable and this can be for many reasons. They will exit the hive all keeping tightly together around the Queen and for the first day will settle in a tight mass somewhere close to the hive while scouts fly about looking for a suitable place to start a new hive. In these here parts swarming usually occurs more to the end of May or in June but this year beekeepers all round have been reporting swarms from their hives for the past week or so. Aerron and I were lucky in that the swarm settled on a small Hawthorn very near the hive so that we were able to get a couple of hive boxes, the lower one filled with empty foundation and the upper one completely empty., close under the swarm and  were able to brush a good number of bees into the box and get the lid on and to our relief we were able to see,  the next morning , that the bees had all gone into the boxes we provided. We now had a new hive and with little more luck the old hive will produce a new Queen (not all bees leave in the swarm),  and we will have gotten a third hive. A fair bit of time was involved including a trip to Better Bee Supplies in Cambridge for the purchase of hive bodies and foundation.

On Friday evening,  Saturday from noon ’til eleven p.m. and on Sunday afternoon, due to the efforts of  “Hearts  Content” Organic Farm, we shared table with them at the food and wine exposition; “Grandelicious” inside the Brantford Civic Centre  This was done on very short notice so we had lot of work to do in a short time. We thought that it was a succesful effort and worth the investment in time and work   As a bonus  the financial investment   was quite small.

In spite of all the distraction we still managed to get a lot of garden work done this week. Aerron worked up various areas of the garden on several consecutive days  and we were able to clean up about four beds and transplant a bed of kale and lettuce and this in spite of a couple of wet days. The rain was of course really needed and we were happy to get what we did though it all amounted to much less than an inch.

The whole gang: William (still napping) ,Briar, Gabriel
The whole gang: William (still napping), Maggie, Briar and Gabriel planting Kale with Lauren observing carefully, McKenna watching and Aerron driving Wimpy and Marie on the disc harrows working up where the potatoes will go.

Briar, looking wet,it is raining lightly, returning to refill watering cans, the team resting in the background with the discs

The captions to the photos do have some errors which I can’t figure out how to correct once the whole post thing is posted.  One day maybe I can get this WordPress  set up and all sorted out but until then my apologies for these occasional muckups.

If you are thinking of signing up for our CSA, then you should contact us now or at least very soon. Telephone or e-mail or drop by for a visit though best to ‘phone ahead to make sure someone will be around. Thanks all for your paticipation and interest and look again at this page next week for next weeks Farm News update.

The lost caption for what should be the second photo from the top reads as follows: Briar in the foreground standing by the broadbean rows with garlic and onion beds in the immediate foreground and Maggie planting kale with Lauren carefully observing and Gabriel digging holes and Aerron and the team discing what will be the area planted to potatoes, McKenna as always keeping watch over everything.

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