May 17 , 2012 : Farm News

From a couple of weeks ago. Three chickens and a duck doing their thing. The chickens are very good at spreading manure droppings in the pasture with a lot of scratching. The hens also lay eggs.

Hello:  We have been waiting for rain. The amount we got last week was much less than an inch and one inch would have been considered a minimum weekly amount to keep things growing good. Up until the past week or thereabouts we have had sufficient moisture in the ground, the temperatures were not that high and the vegetative growth was small enough that plants were not drawing up large amounts of water. Now those three things have changed and the lack of rain is now quite noticeable. The regrowth in the pasture has slowed, we have been doing extensive watering in the garden every day for the past week and to-day we had the barest sprinkle of rain from a once rain- promising cold front. We really do need rain, soon and lots of it.

Just to whet your appetite, this photo is from about 4 years ago in the late summer looking east in our vegetable garden. It is late in the summer as the summer squash on the right has a lot of powdery mildew on the leave sbut we also have newer planted vegetables in the centre of the photo.

Otherwise things are rolling along quite good, we are getting a lot in the ground now and the horses are working the garden nearly every day. All of the animals still have adequate pasture. We have had a good bit of help too and this has been extremely important to us at this stage in the garden planting. If anyone else has been thinking of coming out to get a little workout  working in the garden, this is definitely the time to do it as we have so much that needs to be done all at once. Give us a call or just drop by… half an hour or half a day, it doesn’t matter, we can use all and any help and we would be very glad to have any thanks.

I have been so busy this week that I wasn’t able to get any pictures from the past week and I have not had time to prepare this message and therefore this blog will be a little shorter than usual.


These two lambs were about three weeks old when this photo was taken in late April. They are very good looking Border Cheviot types.

One last thing. For those out there who have been considering purchasing a CSA share for this upcoming season, please contact us as soon as possible, right away, and let us know your intentions. We have had a lot of interest in the CSA and we really need to know soon how many sharers we will have and the share sizes.  This will help us plan the garden.

Thanks all and tune in again next week.

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