June 1, 2012 FARM NEWS weekly update.

Cows in the meadow, the sheeps on the hill

May 23, The horses on the spreader filled with a load of compost to top dress garlic and onions.

Me; with watering cans returning for a refill.

May 28, What a difference eight days can make, and a whole lot of water and some careful weeding. Deer went through and munched on 12 lettuce. They will all recover. An unusual occurence for us.

Hello:  The big problem for us this week, as for the past several weeks, has been the almost total lack of rain. Monday did look very promising but instead of rain we got heat and wind which of course was very drying. Tuesday gave us only about a millimeter of rain which was far too little to be of any use.  This drought does make things a bit difficult for us as we must be constantly watering everything. The

weeds though are not growing quite so quickly and do not take root again when they are pulled, drying out quickly when they are laid out in the sun. There is always a silver lining somewhere. Our watering has had a noticable effect and overall the garden is looking and growing quite good.

We have gotten quite a lot done ; the garden is very well weeded, more is needed to be done, onions, peas and the lettuce mix need to be weeded as soon as possible. We are running a bit behind on the planting , much more needs to be direct seeded into the garden and many of the plants in trays are needing to be transplanted as they are getting to be a good size. We are weeding, seeding, transplanting and topdressing compost, as well as constantly watering, and with a great deal of help we are reasonably happy with where we are.

We are very close to being ready for the

May 20 . Eight days before , spinach down the centre, peas to the left and to the left of the wheel hoe and to the right, lettuce down the centre between two rows of kale.

CSA sharers to begin the weekly pick up at the farm  and to start going each week to the Saturday Brantford Farmers Market as well as to begin selling produce from the farm.

May 19 The flock on grass and happy. The blacks are Border cheviots too though we think that there might be something else in there to.

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