June 28 , Newsletter and Farm Update

Newsletter  19-4           Devon  Acres  Organic  Vegetables      June  28,  2012

Hello: We had about 1/2 inch of rain on thursday and a bit more a couple days later that barely registered in the rain gauge. The rain was much welcomed but was only just adequate and now, nearly a week later, it is getting noticeably dry again. Rain is in some of the forecasts, so here’s hopin’. We are still seeding and transplanting and though a lot more needs to be done we are more or less on track. The garden looks pretty good. The broccoli seems to be slow and we now think that it may be 2 weeks before a large number are ready, this week and next; few if any available. This week will be similar to last except no garlic scapes. Broad (fava) beans make a nice humus though the beans need to be peeled after cooking and we probably don’t give out enough beans. This was not a good year for broad beans. They do best when the weather is cooler and wetter; hot weather will cause blossoms to drop and then the yield is reduced. We did have the usual broad bean aphid earlier this season but they seem to have dissappeared which we atribute to our doing nothing thereby allowing the predators; lady beetles, soldier bugs, spiders and probably others, to do their job. We had a big problem with cucumber beetles, mainly the striped version in the cukes, melons and squash seedlings in transplant trays. Tedious hand picking seems to have gotten them under control but a lot of damage was done, especially early on before we noticed; beetle numbers build very fast, a matter of one or 2 days. We also had the spotted cucumber beetle and a few of the smaller green ones. Squash bugs were also there but of course we squashed them. Still there will be enough plants in the ground. As usual the white grub, larva of the june beetle, japanese beetle and chafers is doing damage to seedlings, no real solution in the short term but being scupulous in eliminating weeds, especially grass, will do a lot to greatly reduce their number over the long term.

As of wednesday we have gotten 24 of our 30 large round hay bales back to our barn at 3 bales per trip. We will try to finish the job on thurs. or fri. morning early. So we hope for large buckets of rain, and many of them for the garden but would like to see it hold off until we are done haying.

If you’d like to volunteer to come do some work in the garden we would really appreciate your efforts, give us a call, there is no shortage of things to do and we always look forward to the good conversations which always go with work. Much nicer to work with someone than alone. Thanks again to the valued efforts of our volunteers this past week. Lots and lots of things were done that we could not have gotten to on our own.

As always; do call us or e-mail if you have any questions, nothing is too trivial or a bother.

Thanks;  Maggie,  Aerron,  Marie,  Robin and the rest of our family.

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