July 5, 2012 Farm Newsletter and update

Newsletter 19-5                Devon  Acres  Organic  Vegetables             July  5   2012

Hello:  It has been another very dry week and the heat and the wind has made things worse. Tuesday has given some relief with a bit of rain in the p.m. (only 1/4 inch) but with more forecast for wednesday we may be O.K. for another little while. We really need about 3 inches over a week to give lasting relief. Droughts are especially trying for us as we should be doing things other than near constant watering. We don’t have an adequate irrigation system in place though we are gathering the various parts of it and will try to get it all in place as we find the time. We have several other projects that are each of equal importance and are all long overdue. Right now though all projects are shelved as we are fully occupied with garden maintenance such as weeding, watering, controlling insect pests (now it is a new lot of cucumber beetles in the field and potato beetles) and in doing more planting and seeding. We have row cover on the broccoli and the cabbages which will do a lot to keep the cabbage butterfly out and without the butterflies we won’t have the little green cabbage worm or at least  the numbers will be very much reduced. We finished up haying last thursday morning bringing back two loads with three large round bales each load. These 30 bales will not be enough to see us through the winter. We could get by with 45 but 50 or 55 bales total would be much better so if we can get a good second cut from that field of at least 15 bales then we’ll be O.K. Hay is going to be in short supply this year. We have heard of two farmers getting half the hay yield of last year and other reports indicating much reduced hay crops across the province.

This week we will start to pull garlic so you’ll be getting fresh mature garlic heads this week. We are somewhat worried that they are going to be small because of the dry weather but we won’t know for sure until we pull it. Garlic keeps good. Allow it to dry at room temperature and out of direct sun until the papery shell is crisp and the outermost can be easily rubbed off. Keep as much of the outer paper on the heads as possible for better long term keeping. Once dried, garlic will keep sometimes for a year but usually as long as 8 or 9 months without too much loss. We should be giving out garlic for several weeks.  The green onion this week is from the spring planting of storage onions planted for early harvest. The bulbs should mostly be a good size but again we won’t know until we start pulling them. We are hoping for broccoli this week but it has been very slow to head up and lack of rain hasn’t helped. We should have carrots soon; within three weeks probably, maybe much sooner, we are trying to get more size on the them.

Call us if you have any questions or if you ars going to be away. Thanks from all of us here.  Marie,  Robin,  Maggie,  Aerron,  and our whole family.  p.s. look at our website for photos. www.devonacres.wordpress.com as well as past newsletters and postings..

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