Photos September 20, 2012

The pickup shelter partially readied for the sharers to come.

Here are a few photos taken just a day ago. It was wednesday the day before our sharers were due to come out to the farm to pick up their CSA share of vegetables. We had gotten together some of the vegetables, those that could be picked the day before; Summer Squash, Onion, Garlic, Potatoes, Cucumber, Melons and the Mini Pumpkins, the Jack-be-Little variety. Tomorrow we will pick Tomato, Hot Pepper, Lettuce, Arugula, Mustard Greens, Eggplant and anything else that we come across and think should be made available this week.

Onions ready for the sharers, one quart per small share of red, white or cippolinni.

There are also a few pictures of Aerron and the boys, William and Gabriel, gathering up some of the larger Pumpkins to be placed in the greenhouse to be cured and coloured up. They were quite happy sit quietly in the wheelbarrow while Aerron searched out the Pumpkins. They were pursuaded to each hold one while Aerron wheeled them up to the shed were they could lend a hand while disembarking the barrow.

Some of the pie pumpkins , most will need time to colour up and aquire their full flavour.

Some of the winter squash, Spaghetti Squash, Special delicata and Heart of gold.

The winter Squash and the Pumpkins were to be taken up to our greenhouse were they will sit in the warmth for about a week to cure up and get an improved flavour. The Pumpkins also need the time and warmth to get their full colour and the time is going to be more than just a week.

It was a fine fall day but when one of the numerous scattered clouds covered the sun we soon had to fetch the sweaters that were thrown off when in the full sun. The days seem suddenly to be very much noticeably shorter. We are beginning that long slow descent into winter punctuated to be sure by days of warmth, sometimes considerable, but the cold is a coming. Gotta get that firewood in soon.

The boys in the barrow with Dad bringing another pumpkin.

Holding pumpkins and ready to roll.

Maybe three more weeks left in our CSA and at the Farmers Market in Brantford. We will then have to devote our freed up time to finishing the garden , constructing things around the farm, fixing all kinds of stuff, and just generally doing the jobs needed to be done before winter sets in.

Not a real long or steep grade, but these guys are getting big and so are those pumpkins, “come on dog.”

“O.K. everyone and everything – out”



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