Photos October 4, 2012

Aerron helping Mary with the vegetables

Aerron helping Mary with the vegetables

At the pickup shed, 1/2 gone

At the pickup shed, 1/2 gone

Here are a few interesting photos taken recently, again posted in haste, but I’ll try to be more careful correcting errors. We had a very good selection of fine

fall colours

fall colours

Resting horses and fall colours

resting horses and fall colours

looking vegetables for the October 4 CSA pickup and the two photos of the pickup area were done on the 4th also. The garden photo with Sam gathering swiss chard

Tomato Hornworm on grass

Tomato Hornworm on grass

The Kid's playground

The Kid’s playground

was again, taken on October 4, as was the one with the horses standing there wondering what Aerron was up to and perhaps wondering if there was anything in it for them. The trees are now starting to put on a really nice show. The deep bright yellow is hickory, purples are likely ash and the reds are generally stag horn sumac. The

Looking a bit like a tired garden

Looking a bit like a tired garden

Cockshutt Giant 8 horse mower

Cockshutt giant 8 horse mower

green frog is an unusual visitor to the garden or maybe just a resident who has been hiding out under the leeks or somewhere else not often trod. The

Green frog

Green Frog

tomato horn worm can quickly chew up a lot of tomato plant; leaves, stems and fruits, ( often immature ones)  are on their menu. They are rather imposing and pretty creatures. This one was not as large as they get but was still a good size and he was on a blade of grass near to tomatillo plants showing distinct hornworm damage. Maybe he was lost. Our hay mower has been brought to this spot so I can do some work on it . The cutting bar is broken and has been removed. This machine is a Cockshutt Giant with a six foot bar and when in good condition with well sharpened blades works real good. It was made in Smith Falls Ontario by the Frost and woods company, a wholey owned subsidiary of the Cockshutt Plow Company. Cockshutt in Brantford , never manufactured haying equipment. The goat, her name is Alfalfa, was tethered on the front lawn at our house and figured that the kid’s playground equipment was made especially for her. She will soon go down to our neighbours to visit with his billy for a time and hopefully she’ll have , in the spring, a kid or two and we’ll have some goat’s milk for a while.

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