October 18, Bi-weekly Farm news

     I will be posting Farm news every two weeks from this date on, until the spring when, as more things are happening, we will move to posting news weekly once more. The 11th of October was the last week for the CSA pickup here at the farm, the 19th weekly pickup of the season, and the saturday previous had been our last week, until the spring, at the Brantford Farmer’s Market. The three photos this post are all from last week; I’ll get new photos for the next post in two weeks time. It is always great fun pulling up the photos and trying to get them where I want and getting them to stay there; let us see what’ll happen.

   The first photo is of our rather worn looking pickup shelter at a quarter to noon on thursday, things not yet half picked,  and to the right the more solid toolshed with garlic bunches hanging at the front and stuff jamed inside. The shelter was blown down by high winds, collapsed, on the sunday morning following and we took it all apart. Those baskets in the wheelbarrow, and a lot more, were brought to us by Paul and Lucas Knill and we thank them very much.

    The second photo is of the road end of our driveway with three pavers in place and lots more  waiting in piles. These will all be similarly placed on the traveled portion as paving stones and will , if they work as we expect, and if we can scrounge enough of them, keep our drive from becoming impassable in mud with the fall, winter and spring cold and rains.

    In the foreground of the last photo is the frilled green semi-dwarf Scotch Kale Westlandse and past it in the same bed is the red-leaved Redbore Hybrid and past that but not visible in this shot is Nero Di Tuscana, also variously known as Black, Dinosaur or Strap Kale. At the very end of the row and also unseen here is  some Siberian Kale which was moderately successful.  The Redbore Kale is about 4 feet high. Some Tomatillo plants can be seen growing in the Redbore and to the right is the row cover removed  from the Broccoli growing beside it and in the right background is bolted radish flowering profusely and on warm days loaded with our honey bees collecting pollen and nectar.

    There. That seems so far to have worked alright.

11:45 on pickup day

11:45 on pickup day

Paving the drive

Paving the drive

Semi-dwarf Scotch Kale Westlandse

Semi-dwarf Scotch Kale Westlandse

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