November 5, 2012 Bi-weekly farm news

        A little bit of an uneventful two week period, though we did have quite a blow from the hurricane for a couple of days there but really not too bad.  The one thing that was noticed as a result of the wind was that the tall red kale plants have all taken a distinct lean in the direction that the wind was blowing. A small number of plants were at about a 45 angle while the majority were only slightly off the vertical. That was the only damage from the storm. Pasture is getting really low now. The sheep and cattle are taken off overnight and fed hay and in the morning fed hay before being turned out again on the pasture. Sometime in November we will have to move them on to their overwintering site, which is a particular pasture area, one for the sheep, one for the cattle and another for the horses . The horses are now on the overwintering site. All of our animals are kept outside night and day all during the winter except for the sheep who are often brought into the barn when they won’t stay in their pasture and usually every night for protection from dogs and coyotes. We are now doing a lot more work on our driveway laying down concrete staves from a discarded silo as paving stones. The aim here is to keep vehicles from sinking into the mud of the fall and spring rains and the winter thaws.

Here are a few photos: In photo 050 the tree with all the bare branches at the far left is the old Cottonwood tree and the yellow leaved trees in the centre are “daughter ” Cottonwood trees which are as tall or even taller than the parent but are considerably smaller in diameter  and with unbranched straight trunks for 30 feet or more.

050 Last weeks view of the trees in the back corner

The next photo, 044, is the same general area with those same cottonwood trees viewed considerably earlier in the season, leaves are still on the trees in early september.

044 The cottonwood trees a little earlier

The next photo shows those same trees on th 4th of November and pretty much all the leaves are now down. The trees to the fore on the right with the reddish brown leaves are red oak  and those bare white trunks in the left foreground are aspen, either trembling aspen or big leaf and I can’t remember which. Everything, except me , is now about ready for winter.
1133 Most leaves down and ready for winter

1133 Most leaves down and ready for winter

1127 is our Belgian workhorse Wimpy now about 23 years old still looking pretty good. The horses now have their long winter coats and it makes them look a bit heavier  and somewhat shaggy and I think quite attractive. Wimpy is still a real good worker always pulling harder than he should.

1127 Wimpy Nov 4

1127 Wimpy Nov4

The Marie horse seemed to be really enjoying the brief sunshine as she stretched out flat on the ground for quite a while.
1126 Wimpy standing, Marie outstretached, both snoozing

1126 Wimpy standing, Marie outstretched, both snoozing

This view of the Kale row has been seen before and it still looks real good. Kale is not much affected by cooler weather. It improves in flavour and the rate of growth slows right down.
Muscovies floating on the lawn

Muscovies floating on the lawn

That is all for this time. I’ll get another post up in about two weeks time. Please leave us some comments. Does any one want to know or to see something in particular ?  Just ask in the Comments  and I’ll do my best at an answer.
Kale note the lean of the red plants.

The Kale, note the lean of the red plants.

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