November 20, 2012 Farm News

When I try to do a bi-weekly blog,  instead of the weekly one that I had become accustomed to, I find that I have a much harder time than ever to remember what happened and what I and everyone else did over the past 14 or so days. But never mind as eventually I do remember enough to get some words down. It is later, when I am all done and have congratulated myself on having done such a fine job, that I begin to remember a whole lot of things that probably would have been interesting to so many.

I finished planting a bed of garlic, four rows of the common variety known as “Music”, each row being about 300 or so feet in length. The garlic should have been planted much, much earlier, and it would be better for it if it had been, but it is in the ground and now growing along with a goodly amount of garlic that was in much earlier. Luckily the weather was quite nice and I experienced no great discomfort from cold or wet, in fact it was so warm the one day that I was working in shirt sleeves. Planting garlic by hand is rather slow, tedious work so to make it somewhat less so I did short stretches of the four rows together, rather than finish one entire 3oo foot row before starting the next. Somehow, for me anyway, this makes it seem more like I am making significant progess.

Aerron quickly put up several lengths of fencing to contain the sheep who are now trying to go to places where they didn’t even look all spring and summer; the county road and the vegetable garden being the two places of most concern to us. The cows and the horses have been very well behaved, staying in their pastures. The grass on the other side just isn’t any greener these days and besides they are also getting a good big wad of hay to supplement the meagre pasture that they much prefer. The cattle are doing very well, maybe a little to well. We had the AI technician out a few days ago  …  wadaya mean- what’s an AI technician. Well I don’t really know either, however whenever we have a cow come into heat (estrus) and there is no resident bull, we call the Artificial Insemination (AI) company which in these parts is a company called Eastgen, and a nice person (and they are always very nice and very helpful) comes out with vials of bull semen from various selected bulls  and does his thing. The technician pointed out to Aerron that the cow was a little fat, a bit too much fat around the ovaries and that it might mean that she might not catch. That would explain why she and the other didn’t catch the last time round. So in spite of the poor pasture and not excellent hay the cattle beast crowd are doing just fine.

I have been busy getting up a supply of firewood while Aerron has been busy trying to get the water system to the yurt in place, and of course all the other routine things associated with living and having families and having fun and we always do have fun, in spite of inevitable obstacles.

We also found time to go down to the neighbours and bring back more silo staves for our “pave the drive” project which has been proceeding rather slowly and really needs to be finished before freezeup. So many things need to be done before freezeup.

So here are a few photos taken over the past two weeks or so; The horses do this interesting preening thing to each other every once in a while and I’m not sure just what is going on but they do seem to enjoy it and it probably does serve some useful function. The wild turkeys are in  the same corner as those trees that appeared in three photos in our last post and there where probably something like 50 or 60 of them. The photo of the cows and the sheep is, well, just a nice photo of cows and sheep. The concrete on the wagon is typical of that lot we are bringing back from our neighbours and this load is one of broken pieces. The one photo of the turkeys appears twice. It was done accidentely but I am afraid to try to remove it since the attempt might just throw everything into confusion.

Wild turkeys in the corner

Wild turkeys in the corner

Sheep and cows on a fine fall day


Driveway paving stone on the wagon

Horses preening

Wild turkeys in the corner

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