December 8, 2012 Farm News

Horses tolerating sheep at their dinner plate

Horses tolerating sheep at their dinner plate

We have been very lucky with the weather    The relatively warm temperatures mean a little less hay has to be fed out and the horses, cows, sheep and goat can still roam the pastures and therefore be much happier and more comfortable – they all like comfort too. Everyone still looks good, the animals I mean and all seem to be in good health as well – no one has been sneezing or coughing, no one with bad limps or hanging back and they are all quite active with the cows and sheep waiting quietly and patiently each evening for Aerron to come and let them into the barn for the night and for their evening feeding of hay. Mostly this happens though occasionaly the cows will stand at the gate bawling, or at least two or three of them will be, but this happens rarely and means that they were not given quite enough hay at the morning feeding. Mostly they will be lying quietly at the gate when we go to fetch them and often have to be coaxed to start the amble back to the barn.

The warm weather has also been good for us human types as well; less firewood used and a more comfortable house, especially overnight. None the less we are still occupied much of the time with getting firewood; retrieving the stuff, stacking, cutting, splitting , stacking again. A constant chore which we should have completed in the summer. Done two summers ago for this years wood would have been best. Our woodshed still is holding up though it has suffered damage over time because of winds. We do need to replace a couple of poles and repair some leaks. The firewood though is kept dry and we have a place out of the weather to do cutting and splitting as well as to store wood.

Aerron now has running water at the Yurt and is continuing to work on a pump house at the well. He has been mixing concrete and pouring footings on which will go a brick foundation wall and then a staw bale structure over that to provide a well insulated building for both the pump and the well. I have spent several days researching and drawing up plans to obtain domestic hot water from our woodstoves.  Both stoves came with an optional stainless steel heating coil that is fitted into the firebox and projects out the stove back through two holes provided for by the manufacturer. It is rather straight forward with several important things that must be done to ensure a safe operating system. I next have to source all of the components, and some may require a little searching and then I’ll have to cost it out and see how much money we have to scrape up.

Seed cataloques are starting to come in and I have spent a lot of time searching on-line catalogues as well. Still need to do a count of what we have in inventory and determine just what we need.

There is much more to do . We are no less busy now than during the growing season, we’re just doing different things.

Here are  a few photos taken just yesterday and to-day, both rather damp and mostly gloomy, misty days.

Thr kid's climbing tree

Thr kid’s climbing tree

The trees in the corner

The trees in the corner

Here is an example of why Manitoba Maple (Acer negundo) is a good tree to grow. This one is the kids favoured climbing tree.





A favourite photo spot for me with the cows in  the foreground. Even the Oak leaves are now fallen. Compare this to the collection of photos of this spot that were posted in the November 5 blog.



The cattle herd

The cattle herd


This one is a bit to the left and a somewhat closer picture of the cows seen in the previous photo. They grazed at that general area for more than 3/4 of an hour so they must have been getting a good feed.






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