December 28, 2012

This is our last posting of 2012. We had a nice Christmas holiday, lots to eat, lots of fun with happy children and grandchildren and now we have a bit of snow, four to five inches approximately. The cows and sheep have now run out of pasture completely. The sheep are given access to the outside at the front of the barn or with the cows and the cows are on an overwintering pasture behind the barn. The horses are at the same spot beside the house and will likely stay here for  the winter as this pasture has shelter from winds from any direction, is handy for us, and we can quite easily keep an eye on them.

In the new year we will need to get right down to business preparing for the 2013 growing season because for us, and people like us, the season begins around the end of March.  The preparatory phase of this coming season actually began as soon as the last season ended but up until now we have not been putting our all into it. As of the new year we will be at least attempting to put our all into it and I suppose that since our whole life, in part at least, revolves around our work, then we will be putting our all into it. There. That’s pretty clear muddy water is it not ?

A couple of recent photos, the cows are down at the bottom of the pasture as the day was windy and that spot offered the most shelter. The other photo of cows and sheep was just before Christmas. Marie horse was  wandering about looking for more to eat. The photos I don’t have are of eagles and woodpeckers, they dissappear when I fetch the camera. On boxing day two eagles were spotted at a moderate height just over our house, circling slowly. When I first saw them a Red Tailed hawk was with them and that was a wonderful photo that isn’t. The woodpecker was a Red Bellied, a newcomer here in recent years but fairly common now. It was just outside our window and was the closest I’ve been to one. That makes three times in about a month that we have had close eagle sightings. The first two sightings, on separate days, were of a single eagle passing fairly low over our garden. Do scroll down to below the bottom photo.

Cows out in the first snow

Cows out in the first snow

Marie horse wandering

Marie horse wandering

Cows and sheep just before that first real snow, before the sheep went to winter pasture

There we are, 2012 nearly done, bring on 2013 and we’ll see what we can do with it.

I’ll start doing this post weekly from here on. It will be finished and put up  to be read late wednesday evening.

Thank you very much  from all of us;  Marie, Robin, Maggie and Aerron Kirby. For friendship, for volunter help, for coming to the farm, for purchasing from us, for joining our CSA, for reading this post, this blog, for everything in 2012 … thank you.


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