May 1, 2014 Farm News

Interacting with the other horses just over the fence to the left.

Interacting with the other horses just over the fence to the left.

641All photos this week are of the new team of horses, Nell and Marta,  in their pasture at our farm.

We finally got our new team of horses home here at 3:30  Monday afternoon.  I had left home at 7:30 that morning to meet with Tony who drove his big pickup hauling a big livestock trailer to way up just 628626past Hanover to get the horses.  The trip was about 210 km and took around 3 hours to get there.  We made a stop near Milverton at an Amish place that makes horse collars.  That was interesting, nice people, and we will need a couple of new collars for these horses and also need to get our old collars repaired.  The horses went on the trailer with no fuss and were perfectly well behaved on the return trip even though we made a rather lengthy stop to look at some horse drawn farm machinery.  They unloaded at our barn with no problems.  We were easily able to lead them the short distance to their pasture and along the fence for a short distance then back to where there was some hay for them.  They were more interested in the tiny bits of grass than they 644were the hay.  The older team was in the adjacent pasture, we thought it best to keep them separated for a while.  It was not too long before the four horses discovered each other.  There was much calling back and forth, a lot of running about and a few attempts to kick each other through the fence.  The latter, fortunately, only happened twice.  It would have 645been a bit of a disaster if someone had caught a foot in the wire, fencing would have been all over the place.  We will put all the horses together after a few more days when they have gotten more used to one another.

The next big step for us is to harness the new team and start to do some work with them which will require 654some very careful attention by us to note behaviours that might be problems and take steps to correct them.  We don’t really know this team of course so we cannot allow any little situations to get out of control.  We don’t anticipate any problems though but it will be a little slow going for us at times and this just when we are already delayed at getting a lot of work done.

Marta looking over the fence at the older horses

Marta looking over the fence at the older horses

The horse acquisition took  quite a bit longer than we had hoped and we have also had to spend time looking for a new vehicle.  That search is very slow and we have had to keep revising our expectations of what we need.

The weather has not been very helpful over the last few weeks either but things will work out.



Nell in foreground, Marta behind, nibbling the tiny green grasses.

Nell in foreground, Marta behind, nibbling the tiny green grasses.




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One Response to May 1, 2014 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Robin, Aerron, Marie and the rest of you all
    What fabulous looking new additions to the farm. I am looking forward to being up there to say hello. And, if possible, I would like to get up on Friday sometime — likely afternoon if that is OK, in order to pick up some milk. Rob

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