October 9, 2014 Farm News

Horses and fall colours

Horses and fall colours

Our nice warm dry spell has been replaced by a nice cool, sometimes warm, wet spell.  We have so far only gotten half of the hay field into the barn, the rest got rained on before we got it up.  We are still picking up hay and we are now over two thirds complete.  The horses, were much better behaved by the third day.  If they had been so well behaved from the start we may have gotten more in.

This was what a small CSA share looked like last week.

This was what a small CSA share looked like last week.

We are still harvesting a lot of vegetables from the garden and though we have gotten very cool overnight sometimes, it was down to 3C one morning, we have not yet had a frost. This Thursday is of course the pick up day before thanksgiving and we have a very good selection of vegetables for the CSA sharers: Onions, Red and Yellow;   Potatoes, Yellows, Reds, Whites, Blues;   Carrots, Yellows, Orange, Purple;  Broccoli heads;  Radishes, Yellows, Reds;  Green Onions; Colourful Swiss Chard; Celery; Parsley; and the list goes on, and if we can manage to find enough time we will get it all picked.   We should have enough veggies to keep CSA sharers coming out to the farm for another three weeks at least. If the weather gets too cold or awful then we will have to call an end but we will carry on as long as we can.

Ducks snoozing, chickens scratching

Ducks snoozing, chickens scratching

The 26 ducks hatched this spring have started to lay eggs. One a day now since the 5th.  These are egg laying breeds of ducks and we expect them to lay, each duck, between 300 and 330 eggs in a year. A few of these, maybe 5 or 6 are drakes the rest are hens, ducks, so we should soon be getting a lot of duck eggs.  The breeds that we have are Kahki Cambell. Buff Indian Runner, Cayuga and Buffs.  They are all very similar and likely the breeds have similar origins.

Rapini  and turnips

Rapini and turnips

The horses are doing well and when we teamed Marta, the young horse with Marie the older horse, they worked quite well though it took three days before they were doing so.  Even at that we kept close to the lines so that the team could be immediately stopped if they began to move off on their own.  Marta had settled down and stood much calmer, without the fidgeting and moving back and forth.  Next week we will begin to work the new team on the wagon with the colt either away or beside the mare and we will get serious about training the colt Leucan too.

Pepper, Red Cabbage and Broccolli

Pepper, Red Cabbage and Broccolli

Still much to do, lots of vegetables to be tended to, firewood to be cut and gathered, the rest of the rain soaked hay to be brought back, chicken housing to be winterized, chickens moved, fencing repaired and set up, and winterizing more our house and the yurt.

A happy Thanksgiving holiday to everyone.

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One Response to October 9, 2014 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    gorgeous fall shots — that is a lot of duck eggs! Count me in if some of these are going to be sold — love all the work you guys do to provide us food, and, images of a healthy way of living

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