January 15, 2015 Farm News

This must be a quick bog as I have been getting way behind on my work and did not start writing until long after the time that I would normally have posted.  much more next week, I promise.  Lots of photos next week too.  WordPress is not loading pictures for me today.  Keep getting a notice “Error HTTP Error”.  No idea what is going on.  Hopefully that will soon be fixed.

The week gone by started (and our week starts Thursday) cold and very windy and remained that way until Sunday.  Not the best weather for us, our chickens, the cows and horses but everyone has come through with no damage.  Then we had some very nice sunny, but very cold days, no wind however.  We spend a lot of time finding and cutting firewood, a chore that we should have done in the summer.  There is never enough time in the summer however.  Also spent a lot of time preparing for the 2015 growing season, planning, preparing the 2015 farm brochure, trying to do a budget, dreaming up wonderful things to get then slowly eliminating nearly all as the balancing act plays out.  Never enough money is there?

Check here again next week.

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