April 6, 2015 Farm News

The usual garden view at 7 in the Monday morning. Hand wheeled cultivator sitting in the row.

The usual garden view at 7 in the Monday morning.
Hand wheeled cultivator sitting in the row.

Nell and Lucan

Nell and Lucan


A bit of a set back in the spring weather this past week.  The snow storm yesterday did not last long, was not too significant here and the snow on the ground had all but gone by late afternoon.  Temperatures have been a little too cool for us to do much in the way of garden preparation and still a bit of frost in the ground preventing us from digging post holes and such.  We did run the hand wheeled cultivator up and down in preparation for a seed bed and that will continue.  Nothing much being planted just yet.

Three cows doing the bovine rumination thing.

Three cows doing the bovine rumination thing.

We have a cow, a Dairy Shorthorn, which is due to calf almost any minute now, though she has been looking imminent for more than a week, and could go on another week, hopefully not more.  All of the animals could do with a significant warm up so as to bring on the growth of the pasture grasses.  Everyone is getting pretty tired of old hay and the quality has been far from the best.  We got in the rest of the hay we bought from our neighbours, the rest of the round bales that had been parked outside as well as a few of the large squares which are of real good quality having had no rain and having been stored inside.

030The laneway continues to dry out so it is more passable from that aspect but it needs to be smoothed out as there are still ruts from the muddy season.  It is interesting now as we dry out and as the weather warms that there is a danger of not enough rain.  Everything will be alright even with no rain until all growing plants, grasses, trees and all else in between, has reached near full size.  Then they will rapidly pull the last of the moisture from the soil and, without rain, a real drought will set in.  We have had no significant precipitation for the past month so a good soaking would come in handy soon.  It would be best if it came after the frost is all out so that the ground can soak up the moisture and best too just as things are greening up.

Two of four Killdeer that were flying all about.

Two of four Killdeer that were flying all about.

The Tundra Swans were spotted several times this past week but it has been a few days since we have seen any so perhaps they now have all passed through.  They were late this year and usually we don’t see any from late March on.  Lots of Killdeer, Robin, Turkey Vulture among other birds.  I also spotted a single Cedar Waxwing.  Another three weeks before the Barn Swallows show up.

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5 Responses to April 6, 2015 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    That looks like a slingshot aimed at the field in the first shot — Leucan is looking like a good strong teenager!

    • devonacres says:

      Drat, you saw through my cunning attempt to disguise my slingshot as a multi tasked wheeled hand garden tool. Slingshot is certainly a shorter name. Leucan is indeed starting to act like a rebellious teenager, must soon begin to “rein” him in.

  2. I noticed a swallow-like bird today over the Grand River – purple martin, perhaps? I thought, “wow, that’s early!”

    • devonacres says:

      There are Tree Swallows and Cliff Swallows as well as Martins and Barn Swallows and I think they are all mainly insect eaters. I understand that sometimes these birds will push north a little too fast, before there are insects about. Over the river would likely be a good spot for an insect eater to search for food at this time of year especially.

      • Yes, I couldn’t ID the bird from where I sat at the traffic light – the wings were too blunt for barn swallow. Either way, this is one bird that won’t be “swallowing” an abundance of insects if the temps don’t warm up!

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