June 1, 2015 Farm News



An eventful week.  We lost one of our first horses, Wimpy, our 29 year old gelding.  He had been quite underweight as without his few enduring molars, he could not properly chew and swallow hay, and he was surviving and slowly gaining back weight on a diet of soaked alfalfa and beet pulp pellets, chaff which was mostly alfalfa leaf and sometimes soaked and sprouted oats and barley.  But on Tuesdy late afternoon him and his team mate, the mare Marie, were given soaked oats prior to being harnessed for a little light work, which is the only work they had been doing lately, on the cultivator and the row marker.  Wimpy began choking on his oats but it was assumed that he had simply been trying to bolt it down too quickly, it had happened occasionally before, and it was not serious, just a bit of slobber and drooling and it passed after a short while.  This time though he was still doing this after the work had finished.  Both horses did not eat their ration that evening and the next day were both doing this slobbering, drooling thing. They were not getting better so by the evening we had the vet out and she diagnosed it as a condition called, quite descriptively, slobbers. Not much to do for it but to let it pass, as it usually would, on it’s own.  These were two older horses and additionally Wimpy was compromised by his underweight condition.  He was already weakened.  He could not eat or drink and by the next evening was dead.  The mare, though is now eating and drinking, it took her three days to recover, but is still not back to her normal self.

We got Wimpy when he was seven years old.  He was difficult at first but he mellowed just a bit.  He was a likeable, friendly, hard working.  He will be much missed and long remembered.

We finally got our rain to end a long drought that had begun to have very serious effects on pasture, hay crops and the garden,  About 50 mm of rain in total Saturday evening and overnight and all day Sunday. A real relief. But now it is too cold.  The frequent cool weather, often the overnights, has played havoc with the beans and the potatoes in particular.  The beans had poor germination and the potatoes were very slow to emerge, just sitting for about 4 weeks.  Everything will do well once out temperatures come back up in a day or two and in the meantime everything is having a good drink.

THE WEBSITE WILL NOT LOAD PHOTOS FOR ME TODAY.  NO IDEA WHY.  Look to Facebook, facebook.com/devonacres for photos.


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One Response to June 1, 2015 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Sorry to hear about Wimpy today. That was a big presence on the farm.

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