June 15, 2015 Farm News

The early morning view of the garden after the fog had mostly evaporated.

The early morning view of the garden after the fog had mostly evaporated. From far left; newly seeded carrots, just barely visible, second bed is three rows of carrot up nicely with Korean mint at the end, three rows of really nice spinach, a single half row of garlic, four rows of fava beans, three rows of onions, two more rows of favas, three more rows of onions, three open beds then potato rows to the far right.

We are pretty sure that we now have had enough rain for a little while.  The persistent damp is now somewhat of a problem for us. It is very difficult to do a good job of weeding.  Weed roots don’t dry out well and the ground, being a bit sticky, makes the work harder and more tiring to do.  Everything of course is growing really well so we will begin the CSA season very soon now.

There will not be very much for the first few weeks nor is there a large variety at first.  This will change fairly quickly though.  We do have a lot more that needs to be seeded and transplanted so the heavy workload continues and we do need the garden to dry out a bit especially for seeding. With our sandy base though we do dry out very quickly and in good conditions we can sometimes work the ground within 2 hours of a heavy rain. It can take several days however for the ground to be dry enough to cultivate and successfully get rid of the weeds.

The horses, cows, sheep, donkey, goat and all the feathered bunch are doing well and really do like to have all this rain to keep their grasses and other edible pasture plants growing profusely.  Our haying has not been even started however so there is another thing that will need do be done as soon as we can get a stretch of 4 or 5, or preferably several more, days of dry, sunny and warm weather.

Just a short blog as there are many more things to do.  There are also several more photos at our Facebook page, so follow the link to that spot.  For reasons unknown, WordPress is not loading any more photos to this blog for me, keeps showing a loading error message.

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