July 15, 2015 Farm News

A slightly different position for the usual garden view.  Looking down the three beds (nine rows) of carrots in the centre of the picture.

A slightly different position for the usual garden view. Looking down the three beds (nine rows) of carrots in the centre of the picture

I am unable to upload more pictures.  No more time now to do the fix, all attempts so far have not worked.  I’ll try again a little later. Much later.

We have now completed much of the seeding and transplanting.  Weeding, of course, is on going.  Since we have had little rain over the past while, we are watering some of the more sensitive veggies.  The new transplants need a heavy watering at transplant time and again a few days later.  A real good  soaking rain about now (or Tuesday)  will be much appreciated.

We are now going into the third week of CSA vegetable pick ups at the farm.  We have had just a few veggies ready; lettuce, spinach, green onion, peas, carrots Korean mint and a very small amount of garlic scapes.  The broad beans (fava beans) should be ready very soon, perhaps this week, potatoes maybe this week likely the week after.  Kale is about two to three weeks from being ready, purple snap beans ready soon too. The summer squash is coming along very nicely so that too should be ready for harvest in three weeks time. So though we are later than we would have liked on a lot of things, the garden does look very good and we’ll have a very bountiful harvest before long.

We have had another new calf; a little bull calf born to the Canadienne cow June.  He is in excellent shape and both he and his mother will be perfectly fine. So the herd is now up to 12 cattle beast and more calves to come. The new calf is called Julius … what else?

We have used the horses several times this week on the disc and on the single row cultivator working the team mostly in the evening as it is usually cooler and the flies are slightly less of a bother. Aerron finished up at 10 one moonless evening so it was getting very hard to see.  He was making up beds for seeding into and they’ll need  a couple more passes to get them ready. The previous evening was until a quarter to 10, but the moon was bright that night so it was much easier to see what was happening. No time lately do any work with the young colt. The horses are doing well and working better each time we have them harnessed.

Thanks very much to all those who have been out either as volunteers or as part of their working share.  The work done has been crucial, very important to us, cannot emphasise how much.  We hope that all who come here and do work for us in the garden will get satisfaction from the jobs well done and maybe learn a few things as well.

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