July 27, 2015 Farm News

The usual garden view on this early Monday morning

The usual garden view on this early Monday morning

Another very busy week made all the busier because of the very dry weather making a lot of watering in the garden a very necessary job.  There is a lot to be watered and some things, such as newly seeded or transplanted things and leafies such as chard and lettuce and spinach, require more water and need it more often. We only have garden hoses and water from two wells to use so we have a very limited capacity and not a great deal of pressure. The result is that it takes a lot of time to get watering done. No rain is in the forecast so watering in the garden is going to be an ongoing all important job.

Kale plants looking pretty good.

Kale plants looking pretty good.

The vegetables are growing well though.  So long as we can keep giving the plants their needed water the heat and sunshine this week will really make them grow. The Kale is looking very god and we should be harvesting it this week. More beans too.

Chickens, ducks, sheep, donkey, cows and horses are al doing fine.  The pastures are not however.  The pastures really do need a lot of rain and soon or we will have to start feeding out hay and then we will be into our winter food supply and that is not good.  We did bring up some more loose hay from our neighbours but only a small amount and it had been rained on and lain out for a long time. Not the best but it will help.

Still having trouble loading photos to the website so they will appear on Facebook instead.

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One Response to July 27, 2015 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    I will do my special little rain dance and burn a little sage in hopes this helps with the rain — Rob

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