August 3, 2015 Farm News

The very dry weather was finally relieved last night when we had about 2 mm or 3/4 of an inch of rain.  Because of the drought we had been watering quite a bit and though everything really needed a very thorough soaking we haven’t the capacity or access to a large enough reservoir of water to do that.  Instead it is some soaker hoses, a sprinkler or two and a lot of hand watering.  This rainfall has been very nice. It did not come down hard enough at any time to cause any washouts, which was just as well as we have some newly seeded beets which would have been at risk of being widely dispersed had that happened. It is not nearly enough rain, unless we get more within the next few days, within the week for sure, but is very welcome none the less.

In spite of the drought and inadequate watering from us, the garden still looks good.  It would look better and everything would be larger had  it rained earlier. If we could now get some more warm sunshine and more rain then everything will respond and put on a huge growth spurt.  Just what we need.

The animals are all alright but they are running out of pasture due to the drought.  It will take some two or three weeks for the fields to recover adequately but already they are growing back. The somewhat lower temperatures are probably better for pasture plants especially the grasses.

Hope that the photos will load to this blog.  Not quite sure but it seems that they will load better if the blog is published first. so if you look at it early, check back again after an hour or so.  Go to our Facebook page too as we can usually load pictures there more easily, so there should be several of this morning’s photos there.

Happy Monday. Happy whatever holiday this is.  And Happy growing whether it is kids or gardens or both.

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