August 10, 2015 Farm News

The garden still looks good and everything is growing well.  We are beginning to get dry again and we have been watering every day, moving a single sprinkler along at regular intervals all day.  This is about the best we can do, a single sprinkler watering a circle of about 20 foot diameter.

Temperatures during the day are still ok but night time it usually is quite a bit cooler than what we would consider anything like optimal.  So long as it continues this way and we don’t get temperatures at night much below 12 at the most, until at least the beginning of October, then we will be late on a lot of things but we will still have them eventually.  A real nice rainfall of about 4 or more centimetres would be very nice just about now and the next opportunity for the rain Gods to dump on us appears, from the meteorological predictions, the ‘forecast’, appears to be later today.  So if you are one of those who have done rain dances and burned sage or other rain provoking things, please do it right away again please.  Just don’t get all carried away such that it rains steady for a week.

Not likely to get photos uploaded this week again, will at least try for a header but am pretty sure that to do so will have to publish the blog then go back and try to upload under an edit.  if not many photos then go to Face book where there should be more, at least for the next few days, don’t know if they will be available on Facebook say six months from now.

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