August 17, 2015 Farm News

I thought that I would try each day to write down what happened so here it is: No pictures, not even a one, hopefully they will load to Facebook so look there.

Monday August 10; some significant time as usual was taken in writing the blog, doing the Facebook page and loading photos to the computer and attempting to load to the website and to the Facebook page. The photos actually loaded quite well to Facebook this week. Checking and replying to e-mails takes a bit of time every day. I moved the sprinkler down four beds of veggies at more or less regular intervals and caught up on egg cleaning while Aerron weeded a lot in the corn rows and through the Broad beans, the latter in preparation for reseeding. Then it rained.  It rained quite heavily for a while, not enough to cause any washouts, but enough and long enough to give us a reprieve from any watering for a day or two at least. The other thing taking a lot of our time each day is caring for the animals: chickens, ducks, sheep, goat, donkey, cattle, horses, cats and dogs and one Indian Ringed-Neck Parakeet.

Tuesday August 11; Pick up day today, first had to wash a lot of eggs then after the regular chores straightened up the pick up area, and began getting onions gathered. Aerron went after the potatoes. Lots of white grub damage to the potato tubers, especially the reds,  and probably a lot to the potato roots in general and maybe that is why there has been the early die off of the potato plants.  Pick ups started at 4.  I actually remembered every one’s name, maybe not all the kids though, and not right away but always before that person left. It was after 8 when the last person left and by 8:30 I had straightened everything up enough for the night that I could look after the chickens and at dark, locked them all up for the night.

Wednesday August 12; Margurite was out around 7:30 to help out weeding and Amy came out for a while too. I worked with them and we weeded the two cabbage rows as well as about a quarter of each of four other rows. Worked ’til 10 then came in to do e-mail replies etc,  chickens having been done much earlier and Aerron was up from the barn around noon. Weeded the rest of those 4 rows to the half way mark and Aerron went with the stirrup wheel hoe as well as on hands and knees and cleaned up a row of corn.  Washed 7 dozen eggs for Kevin, then went to Mrs, Sisilski’s to pick up 6 bags of apples for the animals as well as another bag of better apples, still fallen ones, for the sharers.

And that’s it. I kept it up for three days.  The next four days are the usual fog but it seems to me that we did another CSA pick up on Thursday.  Somewhere in their with help from Jennifer and Rick we have we have now cleared the cabbages, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, melons and 6 rows of sweet corn of weeds and all those plantings are doing very well.  That area has also had a very good soaking, not with rain, we have had none, but irrigated from our two wells using three sprinklers that are moved approximately each hour. Sprinklers are now back on the kale, new seeds, tomatoes peppers and will move next to the chard, tomatillos, tomatoes, okra, onion, lettuce and more.  Went another time to get more apples from the ground, windfalls, though actually it is not the wind, pest damage and ripening causes most to fall.

Add to the garden work our usual work each day with chickens, and all the hoofed animals and we are very busy.

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One Response to August 17, 2015 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    that’s one busy place that farm — thanks for all of the work you do growing food for us

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