February 29, 2016 Farm News

The usual weekly garden view on a grey Monday morning ... today.

The usual weekly garden view on a grey Monday morning … today.

For most of the week there has not really been much new.  We collected more firewood and some wood that will be used for building including plywood … all scrounged from here and there.  We spent a good bit of time on preparing a notice which was sent out to a long list of people that were thought to be interested in getting a 2016 CSA veggie share.  May be you?

We did lose a young heifer to a very rare ( in cattle in Ontario) viral disease Malignant Catarrahal Fever, MCF.  It is fatal in from 70 to 90% of cases, depending I think, on the strain of the virus and there are many.  Britain, NADIS, National Animal Disease …, recommends euthanizing all cases.  There is no treatment and no vaccine.  It is very serious in Bison as it seems that they more readily contract it.  It is a disease communicated to cattle from sheep in rare circumstances.   A second heifer is suffering from what the vet says is a stomach ulcer and so long as it was eating he said fine.  If it goes off eating he’ll give us a Pepto Bismal mix for it.  That would be fun to administer.  But thought the calf still eats some hay it has gone down and that is not good at all.  Except for the two heifers the rest of the zoo here is doing well.

A short blog this week and only one photo as I’m running out of upload space and to get more I am required by WordPress to upgrade at a cost of $100.  It was $20 but that option is no longer available.  we do get a lot of picture space for the money, something like 30 Mb so maybe it is worth it.  there should be a lot more photos on our Facebook page at facebook.com/devonacres

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One Response to February 29, 2016 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Glad to hear that most things at the zoo are generally in good shape. Sorry to hear about the calf.

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