April 4, 2016 Farm News

No photos with the post yet.  We’ll add them in a day or two. Look to Facebook for photos today.

The weather this past week has not been very good for doing any garden work.  So close, nearly was dry enough, but then it snowed and froze up.  It is only the beginning of April.  the polar vortex has fallen apart and though that has brought this recent cold and snow, it is the definitive sign of spring.  Another week of cold but warming (night time temps a bit below freezing some times) and then we’ll have warm and warming more.  Temperatures above freezing by a good amount each night and daytimes sometimes up in the twenties.  That is my humble prediction.

We do have a good amount of seeds planted in trays and located in strategic places in the house and the yurt,  Something like 25 trays with onion, kale, cabbage, broccoli and some herbs.  They are germinated in the yurt, transferred to the house to get the seed leaves going and if we can we’ll hold them until a few true leaves appear then it is out into the greenhouse.  The plan is to have them in the greenhouse next week as the weather warms a little bit more.  This should work fine for everything that we have planted now as all those things are cold hardy as seedlings.  More veggies such as cauliflower and lettuces will go next and then following that will be the more sensitive things such as tomatoes and peppers. These will need heat.  All the things being seeded into trays are of course the vegetables that will be transplanted.  As soon as we can work the garden we will be seeding directly into the garden again, things such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, beets, peas, radish and various herbs.  Seeding will continue well into June before we are finished and then we’ll start replanting to a second crop in some parts.

All of the animals are doing fine.  We have 11 lambs now with only a few more yet to come.  There is still a cow due to calf.  She made a big udder two weeks ago so she is due to drop one any time now.  Then we’ll have to make a lot of cheese and yogurt to keep up with all the milk.

We still have room for anyone wanting to join our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture ) venture for the 2016 season.  Small weekly share of vegetables for $350, large share for $600 and working shares for $175 and $300. Read the other parts of this website for more details, contact us by e-mail at:   devonacres@hotmail.com  if you’d like to join or if you have any questions.  The ‘phone has often been noisy lately and sometimes impossible to carry on a conversation so avoid using the telephone.  Look at our Facebook page:  facebook.com/devonacres  for photos as we cannot post photos to the blog just now.

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