April 11, 2016 Farm News


The usual garden view

A couple of things to note first:     1.We have not yet sprung the annual $99 needed to buy the 13 Gb of data space in order to post photos and video.  Along with everything else we were trying to determine just what to do. Do we continue with WordPress or look for another site host?  We will likely continue with WordPress and purchase the offered media space even though we likely won’t need that much. So hopefully before next week there will be photos once more.   2. I have just discovered the workings of the comments page and uncovered a lot of messages that I did not know where there and therefore did not respond to them.  I’ll have to check the “Comments” more often.  For a quick response contact me by e-mail at devonacres@hotmail.com, and one more important note:    3. Until we get our photo option up and running once more, go to Facebook,com/devonacres and we’ll have photos there

Update: 11:47 Monday, just purchased more space, added photos.


Leucan Nell and Marie

The weather has continued mostly too cold to do any work but at times warms just a bit above freezing, just enough and long enough, to get things, especially the laneway, very muddy and for a time impassable.  Now as I write this early Monday morning, the snow is heavy an the ground but disappearing quickly.  It has warmed to about +5C, and earlier it was raining steady.  Definitely not the sort of weather to allow for any gardening and not even allowing us to do much in the way of preparation.  This mornings forecast though is the most optimistic seen since the end of March. The temperatures overnight will go a bit below freezing for the next three or four nights but the highs during the day are going to be above freezing and gradually increasing.  We suspect that we are going to have to get a lot of garden work done in a very short period of time. The month of May is forecast to be warmer than usual so we’ll need to get most veggies seeded and planted as early in the month as we can. Over the past decade May has often been dry for the last two weeks and then in June there has been a bit of a rainy period. We’ll keep that in mind as we plan. The horses have not been worked much the last while so we’ll have to start using them to get them into working condition physically. The last time we had them working Marta was very nervous and would not stand well at all.  We’ll have to get her calmed down and confident about things.  We really don’t know why she was acting like that but it is very had to get work done when a horse is acting up.  It can be quite dangerous too.


Leucan wondering what is with the guy with the camera.

So look to our Facebook page for photos and if you need to contact us, do so by e-mail and I’ll respond within a day or two.  If you have not heard from me after two days, e-mail again.  I sometimes get bogged down with things, e-mail and a lot more, and lose track.  But as you can see we now have photos.

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2 Responses to April 11, 2016 Farm News

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    I hope there is someone on this list that can help make a decision about what service there might be out there that would allow you the data needs you need at a lower price. I don’t know these things so am not much help — though I do love the pics you post!

    • devonacres says:

      It is complicated and time consuming trying to sort out the various places to do a website and doing the comparisons between them as to which might be the better one. From our research so far, which has likely only scratched the surface, the WordPress site that we are now with seems to be just as good as anything else. So based on that we are thinking that we should stay with what we know.

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