January 9, 2017 FARM NEWS

There are no photos for the blog today.  I just have not had time for them. Hopefully I can get some up tomorrow.

We’ve had more very cold weather.  Frozen eggs, frozen water pipe, frozen water troughs, frozen (well, almost) toes and fingers.  But there are now only about 60 days until reliably milder weather and about 75 days, or about 10 Monday morning blogs, until the vernal equinox, the first day of spring. Not so much snow the past few days but plenty of cold to drive the frost deep.  The plus to less snow is less shoveling, and though we do only the absolute minimum snow shoveling anyway, blowing and drifting snow can cause a lot of shoveling.

We have gotten in more hay over the weekend and with this hay we will now likely have enough to do until everyone is back out on pasture. That could be as early as the first of May, more likely the middle of May but if it is a cold spring like last spring then it might be closer to the end of May before there is enough growth on the pastures to allow grazing.  We do rotational grazing with the cows and horses. They will be on a particular pasture for from one to four or even five days before being moved on to the next.  The number of days on a pasture  depends on plant growth and the size of the particular pasture. But for now we are still feeding out hay and are going through a single 4 X 5 foot round bale in a little over two days.

Everyone from chicken and ducks through to cows and us is doing fine, coping with the winter mostly.  We have been very busy over the last week getting firewood into the woodshed and we now have a pretty good, though far from adequate, quantity of wood. stockpiled.  On Tuesday we pulled a tarp over the wood shed so as to effect a repair to the myriad small holes and   large gaps that had accumulated in the original 6 mil plastic cover.  The new used large tarp covered the shed very nicely and there were no longer any holes.  We did not quite finish the job. We needed to secure it all along the edges but we had it weighted down good on three of the four edges and it was getting  dark so the job of finishing was left to the next day which dawned so very windy that the tarp just blew off.  Still have not yet got it back on.  Snow and rain are forecast for late Monday night so we had better get it back on.


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