I am unable to load new photos to the computer so no photos to this blog until I get it sorted out.

A wet, wet week.  Pretty much no sun at all and lots of fog and sometimes a rain or drizzle. Everything has stayed wet nearly all week and things have been getting quite muddy.  This is nice though as warm is better than cold as far as us and all the animals are concerned.  We are all much happier for it.  One drawback to the fog though is that dark is now really dark. Normally if I’m out after dark there is no problem seeing but with the fog it was so dark that I needed a light to avoid walking into things.

The chickens have been going outside every day this week though sometimes we have delayed letting them out until after most of the egg laying has been completed.  This because I suspect they had laid the odd egg outside.  I did not find any but the number of eggs is almost always lower when the hens are outside.  We have ordered various breeds of chickens as day old chicks from Performance Poultry of Carrying Place near to Trenton. Chicken breeds with names like Silver laced Wyandotte, Black Australorp, Blue Andalusian, Ameracauna, Buff Brahma and Buckeye.  Very small numbers of each but a large enough number of different breeds that we will be able to compare the egg laying and meat growth  to get an idea which breed is the best for our situation, our growing conditions, our way of doing things. There are different coloured eggs in this mix too. Should be very interesting. We are also getting more egg laying ducks so our duck loving friends will be happy, once the ducks start laying again.

We were also able to get a new cover on our greenhouse this week. A 20 X 25 foot single sheet of 6 mil plastic perfectly covered all but a three foot wide bay at the one end and we’ll use the narrower 6 mil roll to finish this off. Once the top cover is in place we can set about cleaning up the greenhouse and sealing all the various spots were air is leaking in.  It is hard to keep the temperature up enough for germinating unless the place can be made near air tight. One thing that we need to do is to decide how we are going to provide bottom heat for the seed trays in order to speed up and to have reliable uniform germination of the seeds.  There are a number of little tricks to use in the design for bottom heat,but some of them are a bit suspect from the safety standpoint.

Still much to do and by next week we also must have all the changes to our CSA structure for 2017 in place and a note sent out to all previous CSA members as well as those who have expressed interest. The new CSA information will also be posted on this website at the CSA page.


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2 Responses to JANUARY 23, 2017 FARM NEWS

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    wet, dark, and unseemly — oh, you’re not describing the politics beneath our border….

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