April 3, 2017 FARM NEWS

The usual Monday morning garden view. The bags are full of lawn and flower bed rakings I’m sure and appeared yesterday. I think that we might thank John for this. I must ask as it could have been someone else.

It would seem that spring is finally here. It is now reliably above the freezing mark though for sure we will have set backs, below zero, frosts and perhaps snow but it will all be very short lived and it will steadily get warmer. So on that premise we are charging ahead getting the garden prepared.  We are getting seeds this week and serious planting will then start. So there is now an incredible amount of work that needs doing during the next two weeks.

A collards plant one of many that survived the winter. They are a biennial so likely a flower stalk will soon shoot up. maybe we’ll get a good harvest of leaves before then.

Things have been growing. Just watching the bees for a while will reveal a lot.  They have been coming in with pollen on their legs, lots of it from lots of bees. This means that there are lots of flowers out there. Most of these flowers are not very obvious, being small inconspicuous and the plants are small too.

The little white flowers not yet opened for the day. These are on that fine plant for salad greens, chickweed.

One of the garlic beds growing quite good but needing to be hoed and mulched.

The garlic in our garden is growing really well now.  It is up looks very strong and needs to now have a lot of mulch.  a pass with the hoe will be needed first as there are plenty of weeds germinating. The Hugel culture beds are a bit behind where we’d like them so much work to be done there too.

The ISA/Leghorn flock out in their run. A bit of sun and a pleasant temperature.

Snuffling ducks. Not sure what they snuffle for but probably the snuffle up anything that the come across.

Chickens and ducks are liking the weather.  The chickens are outside nearly every day. They are kept in only if it is cold and rainy now and since it is mostly going to just be cool and rainy the doors now will probably be opened every day from now on regardless of the weather.  The ducks door has been opened every day no matter the weather. The ducks seem to be happy to go out no matter what though sometimes on the coldest windiest winter days they would retreat back inside for a short while.  the horses are nibbling the short bits of grass that are trying to grow and do like to stand and snooze in the warm sunshine.  We have the cows inside while we get fences in order and the grass grows a bit, and the same for the sheep.  No more new lambs to report and the calf is still expected at almost any time.

Leucan out in his pasture trying to find enough spring grass to eat so he can still call it a pasture.

Many wild birds around, large numbers of Robins; ridiculously huge numbers of Starlings; several, more than 4, Killdeer, often calling late at night; Turkey Vultures; Red Tail Hawks, several varieties of Sparrow; Crows, a dozen or so seem resident to the area; the occasional Raven or two; Canada Geese of course, but three weeks ago saw the last of this spring’s Tundra Swans with a single bird hooting her way along on a westward course.  There are many other bird species not noted but those were some that have caught my attention.

A Robin high in the Hackberry tree. They are often out in the garden looking for insects and worms.


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