April 10, 2017 FARM NEWS

The usual weekly garden view and little has changed in this area since last week.

Forsithia in bloom. One of the early flowers and food for hungry bees.

The past week has been pretty good weather wise though the days with rain or snow meant we could not get too much done. We were working away at getting seeds into trays, we got a start at seeding broad beans into the garden, we spread a good bit of straw mulch on the garlic and fall planted onions, and did some repairs and improvements to our laneway. We picked up the season’s seeds from William Dam Seeds near Dundas, the most of the seeds anyway.  We still need to get onion sets and seed potato as well and they are on order from Dam’s. There are a very few other things needed still from other seed suppliers.

The garlic beds with the strawberries to the right. Partially covered with straw mulch, a little bit moved by the wind.

A nice looking Barred Plymouth Rock hen, though I’m not so sure that she is actually a good egg layer.

It was thought that the bees needed an additional supply of food to get them over this short time period before there are lots of flowers. A feed bucket.

All of out animals from chickens to horses are quite happy with this weather.  The bees have been very busy too and as more flowers bloom they are going to be even more busy. We’ll need to get the horses in harness soon to bring up compost to the garden and to work up some of the garden with the single row horse drawn cultivator. Hopefully this week coming we’ll have enough good weather to get a lot more done. There is so much to be done now and so little time.  Everything needs to be done at once.

A yawning Leucan being quiet lazy in the warm spring morning sun.

Just a short blog today.  Much too busy all week to make notes and hard to keep track of what we’ve done.  Seems to have been quite a lot.

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One Response to April 10, 2017 FARM NEWS

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Robin — Irena is gone to Winnipeg for a couple of weeks, so I will not need eggs until next week — April 18th



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