April 24, 2017 FARM NEWS

the usual Monday morning view. Looking more green each week.

A collard plant from last season showing very nice regrowth.

The weather now is definitely spring. Things are growing well. The garlic is doing very nicely, small lettuces are spreading new leaves, Korean mint growing well, spring onions are quite well grown and some collards are looking good too. Lots of the cabbage, broccoli, onion, kale and more are growing steadily in our greenhouse.

A Manitoba Maple flower and unfolding leaves


The cows and sheep and horses like this weather too and the cows and horses winter coats have begun shedding. Their pasture grasses are growing nicely now but it will still be two or three weeks before we can let them out on the pastures.

The new laying flock plus a couple of Barred rock roosters and two hens and a single buff brahma and a single barnevelder hen, all in the new chicken house.

A sleeping Kaki Campbell duck. Eyes open so as not to be surprised.

We have been busy too this week rebuilding and building chicken houses and fencing for chicken runs.  We got more day old ducklings at the end of last week and will be getting some day old chicks at the end of this week. These chicks are specialty birds kept for meat qualities and for their appearance. Some of these are also pretty good layers. They are a bit of a trial as we are looking for breeds of chicken that do well on whole grains and that can do well on an alternative to the standard or organic commercial feeds and which have a good lay rate for a longer time. These are mostly heritage or rare breeds of chicken.  We hope to find or to develop one or more of these breeds to do well under small farm, pastured, organic conditions.

Just a nice picture of two of the ducks

We are still accepting shares in our CSA program for the coming veggie growing season. Contact us if you are interested.


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