May 1, 2017 FARM NEWS

Ducks in the garden just hanging out doing a bit of preening

The usual garden view late in the day on Monday after all day rain.

Another variable spring week gone by.  Another week that I did not properly keep track of so once more a bit of an effort to remember what happened. Things continue to grow well. We have got many things planted though much more needs to go in. This spring has been much better than last as it is a little warmer and a little wetter so far.  The week has gotten a bit cooler following a very hot day which we are glad was only a one off.

The rhubarb is growing quite good and getting very close to being ready to harvest.

We took delivery of new chicks this week to add to the new ducklings from last week.  these are all old heritage breeds that at one time had a useful purpose. We would like to find a breed of laying hen that will produce well for a longer time and under more harsher conditions than the commercial breeds.  A chicken that lays well for 2 or 3 years, does well foraging and lays a lot of eggs fed whole grains and at the end of lay, after 2 or 3 years or more will have a good meat carcass.  This is why we are experimenting with 15 different breeds of chicken.

The garden is growing well but we still don’t have a lot in just yet. Many things are growing in trays as well and doing well and some things are nearly ready to be planted out.

Still a bit cool though warmer than last year and we d have adequate moisture so far this year too. Short blog this week.

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