May 8, 2017 FARM NEWS

The usual Monday morning garden view. The car is there because of the muddy lane way. Lane is fine now but the ar will only move when it is needed.

The big news, likely with a lot of others, was the rains this past week.  Not very heavy but for a long time.  No damage was done to anything on our farm and with our height here and the hills, flooding is never an issue.  The roof on the new chicken house leaked badly in spots but the hens there were no more wet than the hens in the perfectly dry older house who decided to go out in the rain anyway. The ducks are oblivious, mostly, to any weather. The rain was good for getting the ground thoroughly soaked though it is likely it was anyway.  With last season still fresh in our memory we will not complain , yet, about too much rain.

Chickens in the morning.

We were not able to get much garden work done though once the rain stops and 24 hours have passed then we can often get in and work the ground. We went to William Dam Seeds and got our second lot including potatoes and onion sets. These will very soon go into the ground. With the very cold overnight, it seems we had little or no frost, but even colder, -2C predicted for tonight, we are very happy not to have any frost sensitive plants up and growing. We do have plenty of things growing in trays in the greenhouse and a lot of it can now be put outside to harden off and then soon planted out in the garden.

We managed, between rain showers, to get quite a bit of this wood pile cut into stove lengths. Now we need to pile it all to dry and get the rest cut up.

Last seasons Kale plants are growing a bit spikey as they will soon start to flower and set seed. Still good for eating.

This is, we think, a buff Brahma chick. It looks really nice and healthy, good size, alert, active.

Not sure which breed these three chicks are. They are blue/grey in colour

All the chickens, ducks, chicks and ducklings are fine. Some of the horses have been started on their pasture rotation, Cows have been out on pasture a bit and so have the sheep.  Most of the pasture is still not quite ready.

The team out on pasture.

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One Response to May 8, 2017 FARM NEWS

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Funny how there seems to be something comforting in the expression about being ‘put out to pasture’ — perhaps my time is coming… just saying.

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