May 30, 2017 FARM NEWS

The Monday morning garden view. A bit changed from previous weeks. Those are transplanted lettuces between the garlic plants. The leaf pile is getting smaller.

I have only been able to  post 2 photos here. Four other tries came up with http error for reasons that are quite unclear. They are loading extremely slowly and that may be a part of the problem.  So for this week at least go to our Facebook page for photos. Kirby or perhaps it is Devon Acres, I really have no idea!                      A somewhat less eventful week than last.  Much work was done in the garden with bed preparation using the horse drawn cultivator. A couple of beds of onion sets have been planted and partially mulched with straw and a half a bed of three rows has had lettuce transplanted to it. More trays of newly sprouted veggies are turning up in the outside area to await there turn getting transplanted out.

The horses are well. The team of Nell and Marta has been a little difficult as they can cause considerable trouble when harnessing.  Once harnessed they are pretty good.  The flies cause them much irritation and Marta especially will be moving around all the time even when the team is supposed to be standing.  Once under way with the cultivator though they seem to be alright. They really just need to be worked more regularly and some special training should be done to get them to stand still better and to back without spreading. More work will help all that.

Cows and sheep have all be pretty well behaved. There is now  a good lot of green and growing grass which is what hey especially like.  Contented sheep and contented cows will not be pushing at the edges and breaking fences.

The chickens are laying steady at a good rate though the ducks have dropped off just a bit. The new chicks and ducklings are also doing well. The ducklings are outside every day and have not needed a heat lamp for more than two weeks. They are a panicky lot though and will be to a gradually lessening degree your several years.  Ducks never get quite as docile as chickens. The chicks will need to get outside very soon but they, unlike the ducklings, will need confinement so as not to wander to much and get eaten by hawks, crows and cats etc.

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