June 5, 2017 FARM NEWS

The usual Monday morning view with a little more change from last week in evidence

Very busy these days what with planting and all the other associated garden work.  Today is especially busy as we had to go to ENS poultry near to Elora and be there by 8 in the morning.  It is a one and a half hour drive.  We took about 35 end of lay hens and about 6 roosters, 41 birds in total, to be killed, cleaned, weighed and very nicely wrapped.  ENS poultry does an excellent job and their facilities and the people are first rate. These will be soup birds, not roasters.  We have to go back up there after 4:30 this afternoon to pick up the processed birds. Much else. But all little things needing attention too. So little time, so much to do but so much fun!

Chickens, sheep, ducks(somewhere in the photo) and distant bees on a fine late spring day.

The two young heifer calves, a ewe and her lamb.

All is well meaning no major disastrous events have occurred over the past week and no one is sick. We do need to have a little more rain. I have to examine the rainfall amounts for the past couple of weeks but it seems that we have not had a significant rainfall for a about a week. It is of no consequence just yet as the soil is plenty moist and there have not been any really hot days.

A really nice cloud formation just last week. A rainstorm that passed just to the north of us.

If anything it has overall been a little too cool because of the night time temperatures often being around the 10C mark.  We have potatoes planted and they do not like to sit in cool soil for to long but if the days continue warm and there is enough sun to warm the soil during the day then the spuds will probably be just fine only a little slow to grow. Hopefully WordPress will allow me to load photos today unlike last week when I could only get two posted. Short blog, too much to do to stay at the keyboard too long.

Nell and Marta came a runnin’ when I called them over. They must have thought that I had a treat for them. But I didn’t.

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